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Feel free to comment on any of the shops. The shop owners will be more than happy to trade with you! There is a list of all the MLN shops in the widget at the right.


The Different Markets

  • JohnnyThunder2468's market
  • Mrs.Teavee300's Sales
  • PuzzleGirl55‘s Mall
  • Note: If you choose a shop, then it will redirect you to a new page, you might need to scroll down on the new page to see the shop. Happy shopping!


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    Those who are authors are allowed to make one post in which they may state everything they have for trade, and what they want for it. Anybody may then comment on that specific post saying what deal they will do, or what variation of a deal they will do. You do not have to be an author to comment on someone else's post, asking to make a deal with them. However, you can only ask for things which are on their list. If the author is asking for something, you may tell them what you want for it yourself. Again, authors may only have one post at a time. If you are not allowed authorship, you may go to my trade site to put up a trade, but I recommend checking here first to see if it is offered here (or if it is wanted here, depending on if you are doing the giving or the receiving). Authors may edit their post at any time to change their trades or otherwise. If you want a fresh start (all the old comments are erased) go to "new post", "edit post" and click "delete post" on the one which is yours. After that, you may make a new post.

    If you want to be an author, you must first be asked by one of the admins. Please do not ask us if you can become an author. Everyone once in a while we will go through the list of members and discuss if any of them are trustworthy enough to become an author. If we find anyone to be trustworthy enough, we will let them know! Thanks!
    The only people I will allow to become author if they want to are:

    CheshireCat150, Sim533, EkingsleyBerrykit, -Kitty-, Jesusfreak819, Riverle, Superben21, Eragon.Saphira, Mrs Teavee300, 4cody and Johnnythunder2468.

    Just remember, if you're not sure if it's OK, it's probably not OK, so don't say it! If I revoke your privilege, do not take it personally. I think everybody on this list (and a lot of members not on this list) to be very cool people, regardless of what they say, it's just that some people aren't used to such strict guidelines. Good luck, I hope everyone enjoys this site. I designed it with all the trades going on for building material (rank 5) and gems (rank 4) in mind, as you are able to edit your post, saying how many you have, at any time. Thank you.